CBA PARIS / Creative Director
Team: Yovanna Wallet, Yoan Rihouay, Noe Halimi,      

Leocare is a new innovative offer in the insurance market that required a complete break with established market codes.
The new identity resultet in a jump of +30% new clients.

A home and car insurance that accompanies it’s customers 24/7 via a mobile app. Transparent pricing and advice in real-time sparked the idea to build Leocare’s new identity around the experience of coaching: sharp, benevolent, and encouraging. The entire look&feel, the tone of voice, and signature were conceived around this compelling idea.




Creative concept:
a coach who guides
and advises

Leocare is a 100% mobile insurance that plays the card of simplicity: with just a few finger swipes, the insurance contract is subscribed, adjusted, or terminated. The brand offers tailor-made insurance for each of its insureds and daily monitoring made possible by its application. Behind the digital interface are a team of Leo-counselors to see claims in real life through videoconference.


Example page leocare app
Example page leocare app
Example page leocare app

The tone of voice

The tone of voice: lively, benevolent & dynamic
A bold, audacious, and direct tone of voice is very much appreciated by the target audience of connected urban types. The idea is to play the card of proximity and assume a horizontal relationship with the client.



The Leocare iconography is spontaneous, and photographs are taken on the spot - sometimes even made by clients. 

The cinematographs are also part of the visual style of the brand, they transcribe the serenity made possible thanks to Leocare.

To stay unique to the last detail, the Leocare pictograms consist of the two primary colors of the brand and take curves and angles from the logotype.